The Artfonds 21 AG, founded in April 2007, is a German stock corporation that collects and trades modern artworks of all kinds. Despite the entrepreneurial orientation of the company, it is the intention to acquire only art of outstanding artistic quality which clearly prevails.

The artists and the artworks to be acquired are selected by the young renowned art collector Rik Reinking. He is supported by the supervisory board and other team members. We actively support the artists by arranging contacts to galleries, other collectors and museums. The artworks acquired by Artfonds 21 AG will be shown in our own exhibitions, made available for other exhibitions in galleries and museums and can also be leased.

After a considerable increase in the market value the acquired artworks shall partly be sold in order to realize the increase in value and to generate the financial means for new acquisitions.

The artists and their gallery owners have two possibilities to participate in the increase of the market value:
Firstly, they have the possibility to contribute pieces of art as a contribution in kind against shares in Artfonds 21 AG. Secondly, they can become a partner in the partnership Artfonds 21 Künstler GbR who shall receive 10 % of the annual profits of Artfonds 21 AG. The contribution to the partnership consists of the granting of a discount when Artfonds 21 AG purchases pieces of art from the respective artists.

In the medium term we aspire to list the shares of Artfonds 21 AG on the stock exchange.