Artfonds 21 AG publishes regularly, at least once a year, editions by artists of its portfolio. 50 per cent of the revenues are received by the artist and 50 per cent by Artfonds 21 AG in order to help cover our running costs.

Second Edition (2009)

The Second Edition is an artwork of Baldur Burwitz. It is a smaller version of his Photography „Paris Bar“(200 x 300 cm), the first subject of the three-part series „Affendisco“ (monkey disco) from 2008. The small version is printed on a Dibond-plate in size 53 x 80 cm with an Edition Size of 25 signed copies.

Price: Euro 1,000.
Please address your order to the following e-mail account: info@artfonds21.de

First Edition (2008)

The first edition is an artwork of Johannes Esper. It consists of two series of five potato prints each (tempera painting on drawing cardboard).
The size is 100 x 65 cm. The artist used 36 potatoes, each sliced in two halves, as printing stamps. The stamping with the left halves was made in a specific predefined order. After that the right halves were stamped oppositely in the reversed order. A mirror-symmetric composition originates as a result.

Price: Euro 800.